Open Door Policy

Open Door Policy


We want you to be comfortable knowing that your child is in good hands. We welcome you to come in anytime to see your child – our door is always open. We encourage constant communication through nursery events, newsletters, social media and coffee mornings. 

Open Door Policy

We want you to be confident, knowing that your child is in a safe and secure environment. Your role in your child’s education is essential. Research has proven that when parents and teachers work in partnership during a child’s early years, the collaboration has a positive impact on the child’s learning and development. At Step by Step Nursery, we see you as an active partner in your child’s educational journey.

Our director and teachers are here to support you and your child and we welcome you to visit at anytime to discuss your child’s development and individual needs. You can drop your child to their class every morning, meet their teacher and get an update on their development. We believe that you should be involved every step of the way. We encourage parent participation wherever possible as it enriches your child’s learning experience.  We also have regular opportunities for parents to get involved as volunteers. This includes activities such reading to a class or working on other exciting projects along with our teachers. We have CCTV in every area of the nursery and you are welcome to come in and watch your child while they are settling in.

To keep you updated, your child’s communication notebook is filled in by their teacher everyday so that you know how their day went.

We welcome you to visit us at anytime. Our door is always open.

  • Regular newsletters and updates on nursery events through emails and social media..
  • Free parental information sessions and workshops.
  • Open door policy. We are always open at all levels.
  • Active involvement of parents during the settling-in period,
  • Parents are invited to participate in various activities throughout the year.
  • Periodic coffee mornings with the nursery Director.