Our Environment

Our Environment

At Step by Step Nursery we consider the environment your child’s third teacher. Our learning space is carefully designed, based on the Reggio Emilia approach. The cheerful and colourful external appearance harmoniously blends with the serene and calm environment, to promote optimal learning and development in young children. Most importantly, it emphasises varied developmental experiences designed to cater to the different learning, developmental and emotional needs of the little ones.

Our spacious, bright and airy classrooms, child-sized furniture, educational resources and equipment are arranged in a way that meets the sensory needs of young children. Every aspect of our nursery, from the classrooms to the outdoors, celebrates our children, their work and their accomplishments . There is a childlike essence that is evident as soon as you step into our nursery.



Curiosity is stimulated through a variety of learning areas such as a quiet, cosy book area; a language area for listening, mark-making and pre-writing; a math and science area; a construction area; an imaginary play area and a creative area.


We are equipped with one of the largest nursery outdoor areas amongst all nurseries in our vicinity. The landscape is designed to stimulate children’s imagination and curiosity. It engages children and encourages them to explore and discover, to be inquisitive and develop their independence. Children can ride their bikes along a winding trail around the play area, hop on over to the sand and the water play area, play on a range of equipment from climbing nets, slides and see-saws, run across a lovely wooden bridge and sail on a boat which floats in the middle of a blue sea. The outdoor area is fully shaded, thus allowing use throughout the year. We have custom-made natural wood activity equipment and cushioned play surface, so your child can play and learn in a safe and secure environment.