Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

At Step by Step Nursery, you will experience a friendly and welcoming environment where your little ones are kept active, happy and stimulated. We educate and inspire children to become creative, confident and independent. Here, children learn through play in a safe and secure environment. Large and bright indoor and outdoor play areas and spacious classrooms make the nursery the ideal environment for mental and physical development.

Located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, our branch in Al Bateen is the ideal learning space for your child. We have secure and stimulating facilities that offer activities for physical development, creativity, sensory play and more. Each area of the nursery is designed to accommodate our curriculum and expose your child to different learning experiences.

Indoor gym / Soft-play area

Our soft-play area is colourful, bright, stimulating and completely padded for safety. Here, the children enjoy indoor activities and Music & Movement classes that assist in physical development such as gross motor skills. Here, children also learn how to take turns.

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Sensory Room

Our Sensory Room has a range of wonderful activities that enhance learning through hands-on activities. Sensory play has many benefits for children and involves using their senses – touch, smell, hear, sight and taste to explore their surroundings. Sensory play also supports the development of fine and gross motor skills.

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Role-play room

Role-play is essentially learning through play. Here, children get into a character and act out real-life situations and this playful activity is a key component of a child’s learning.  Apart from developing a child’s language and communication skills, role-play helps children to work on their social skills and make sense of real-life situations. This room really sparks creativity and imagination!

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FS Unit

Our FS1 classes are stimulating, bright and colourful. In FS1, our teachers work hard to get children ready for school. The classrooms are well-equipped with tools that help your child develop, grow and get creative.

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Baby Room

Our very little ones are in the baby room! Here, we have soothing interiors, a sleep area and a changing area. Children as young as 45 days are in this classroom.

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Outdoor play area

Children absolutely love playing in our outdoor playgrounds. We have a bicycle track with parking spaces, a large sand pit where they can play and get messy, a separate baby sand pit and play area and climbing frames that encourage physical activity. Children are supervised at all times in all areas of the nursery.

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Arabic Room

 Arabic Room Step by Step Abu Dhabi


To ensure we offer the highest level of Health & Safety, our nurse is available at the nursery in our clinic at all times.

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