We have taken the best aspects of Reggio Emilia and infused it with the key elements of EYFS approach to develop our unique curriculum. The effectiveness of this curriculum is well recognized by all the leading schools in Dubai that are children get admitted to.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)


The Early Years Foundation Stage

Recognised by nurseries and schools worldwide, the EYFS is under constant review by the English Government’s Department of Education and remains at the forefront of Early Years education. The EYFS integrates three prime areas and for specific areas of learning & development, each one incorporating relevant, achievable goals from 0-60 months.

Reggio Emilia

The world-renowned Reggio Emilia Approach originated in its namesake town in Italy after World War II, by Loris Malaguzzi, a teacher, and parents of the community who believed that children were in need for a different way of learning. Together they worked towards progressive and cooperative early childhood education, catering to children from birth to 6 years of age. It consists of holistic educational aspects derived from values in the society of Reggio Emilia.

Prime Areas

Fundamental throughout the EYES, the Prime Areas begin to develop quickly in response to relationship and experience, supporting children’s development in all other areas.

Specific Areas

These include essential skills and knowledge for children to participate successfully in society.