Our premises boasts bright, colourful and stimulating facilities where children can explore, learn and be creative. From indoor play areas to a sensory room and large outdoor area with sand pit, each element of the nursery provides a safe and fun environment for your child. 

Facilities at Step by Step Nursery

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Indoor play area and gym

Our indoor play area and gym is a bright and colourful room. Here, the natural light, brightly painted walls and surrounding mirrors create a stimulating experience for the children. Soft play toys and padded flooring create a safe and secure environment in which your child can develop. Here, we have music and movement classes with a trained professional twice a week. This helps in the physical development of your child and is a great activity. The children love their time in the indoor play area. They are encouraged to climb, jump, dance and take part in lively music and movement activities.


Outdoor play area

Our outdoor play area is one of the nursery’s prime features. The children absolutely love going to the outdoor area. The entire playground is shaded, giving the little ones the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities in the summer too. We encourage messy play and we want the children to explore and get to know their surroundings. Once a week, we have Splash Day where children jump into their bathing suits and enjoy play time in the water. We also have a large sand area full of toys that children can use to build things and play games. Our outdoor area also has a large climbing frame that contributes to physical development. Other activities in the outdoor area consist of a music play area, a stage, a reading area, bikes and slides. Quite frequently, we hold events in the outdoor area including puppet shows, book days, international day and more. Regular football lessons from a visiting football coach are held outside.

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Our library is packed with lots of age-appropriate books. Our teachers encourage reading time (read the benefits here) and work on mental development through the use of imagination. We also have an interactive board and projector where we watch movies.

Sensory Wall

Sensory play is any activity that stimulates a child’s senses. These senses include taste, touch, hearing, smell and sight. Sensory play promotes learning and development and has many learning benefits. Sensory activities encourage free play where the child can explore their senses using almost anything. Our sensory wall, placed at a level reachable by the little ones consists of a range of different materials and textures in a line. The children walk past the wall many times a day and at almost any time of the day, you will catch them running their little hands through one of the many sensory frames.


Our CCTV coverage is extensive and runs through the premises of the nursery. This includes in classrooms, the outdoor area, the reception area and the front of the nursery. All CCTV footage is displayed in the director’s room at all times. You are welcome to take a seat in the director’s office, have footage from your child’s class enlarged and watch them get settled in.


Our qualified nurse is always available to take care of the children. In our clinic, we keep information on each child including allergy and medical information. We also have a visiting doctor, a qualified General Practitioner who visits the nursery once a month for general check-ups.

 Activity Room

Our Activity room is dedicated to sensory learning. We have a range of fun activities in here that involve the use of senses. We like to let the children explore their senses here by letting them get messy. Here, we have dedicated areas for treasure hunting and messy