Our little boy Evan who is speech delayed was nurtured and cared for beyond our expectations in Sunbeam class and has grown in confidence in the last year he’s spent @ Step by Step Nursery, great team and a happy place! The above is not a testimony but the reality. Thank you so very much for your support.

– Sam Issa


Sasha and Henry have had such a wonderful year at Step By Step Nursery, for which we are extremely grateful. Miss Annette, with the support of Miss Sujani, has given them the best introduction to education that a parent could ask for. There is a great amount of hard work goes on at the nursery and we appreciate everyone’s effort.

– Anna and Simon Moyles


I believe it’s very important to highlight exceptional care when it’s given – and that is what we got from Miss Katie. Not only was she consistently enthusiastic but she was also warm & loving towards the children and extremely professional at all times. On the few occasions I needed to speak to her regarding an issue with Fred, she always took the time to listen and suggested ideas of how to deal with it.