Why Choose Step by Step

Why Choose Step by Step


Choosing the right nursery for your child is a critical decision. Here are some of the reasons thousands of parents have trusted us over the years. 

  • Experience – we have over 10 years of experience in Early Years Education. Our teachers provide your child with unlimited opportunities to learn through imagination, creativity and play.
  • Environment – we pride ourselves on providing a safe, secure, supportive and stimulating environment in which your child can explore, learn and grow.
  • Open Door Policy – we always have time to answer your questions or address your concerns and we encourage an open door policy.
  • Commitment – we are committed to each and every child that attends our nursery. We provide a warm, friendly and happy environment; children are encouraged to reach their full potential.
  • Your child’s future – our graduates have been prepared for and have been accepted in all of the UAE top schools like JESS, DESS and GEMS Wellington
  • Qualified Staff – our interview process has been developed over many years of operation. This allows us to handpick qualified, experienced and committed staff.
  • Quality childcare – is dependent on quality staff and we are committed to fostering happy, skilled and enthusiastic nursery Educators, to ensure that we maintain the highest standards of early childhood education.
  • Involvement – Our caring Educators are engaged in children’s activities and are always available to teach, guide and observe.
  • Development – our Educators support and promote children’s personal, social, emotional development; physical development; communication and language development; cognitive skills including numeracy and understanding of the world and creative development.
  • Curriculum – our unique Learning Triangle Curriculum is tailored to suit all ages and stages of development.
  • Languages – all our children are exposed to the Arabic language.
  • Balanced play – We have a balance of indoor and outdoor play times, quiet play, active play, large and small group activities and our children are encouraged to make choices and learn through play.
  • Physical exercise -your child will enjoy weekly Music and Movement sessions in our dedicated designed Music and Movement Studio with our specialist teacher.
  • Health – we place a tremendous emphasis on healthy, balanced nutritional diet and we allow you to prepare your child’s snack and lunch in order to respect your child’s likes and dislikes and your cultural and nutritional preferences.
  • Parental involvement – we always work in close partnership with parents and through out the year we offer various workshops and session on early childhood development; free of charge.