Precautionary Measures

Trusted Cleaning And Sanitization Protocols That Safeguard Health And Prevent Virus Spread

COVID-19 Precautionary Measures

Trusted Cleaning And Sanitization Protocols That Safeguard Health And Prevent Virus Spread

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Plenty Of Hand-Washing Stops The Spread Of Viruses

Frequent handwashing throughout your child’s day eliminates harmful germs and viruses. Children use basins installed in their classrooms when they arrive, before and after meals and snacks, and after outdoor play.

Daily Temperature Checks Help Us Keep Track

Children and staff undergo a temperature screening on arrival and random checks throughout the day to ensure that everyone in the building is symptom-free. Preventive measures like this help us stay on top of everyone’s health.

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Working With Experts To Keep Your Child Safe

Partnering with Boecker®, the Middle East’s largest Public Health Company, we’re implementing the Safe ChildCare™ programme, fully accredited by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health UK and recognised worldwide. It includes:
Unique EPA/FDA approved treatments control pathogens in the air and on all surfaces. The applied disinfectants are 100% safe, completely odourless, non-rinse, non-corrosive, non-staining, 100% biodegradable and highly effective.
Staff members in all nursery branches have undertaken KHDA-approved training related to food safety, infection control, and health and safety.

You’re invited to awareness sessions to get the latest information to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and promote children’s health and wellbeing.

Regular Health & Safety Audits To Maintain Standards

We conduct detailed audits throughout the year to ensure the highest quality standards in the following areas:

Safe Parent Pick-Up And Drop-Off Options

A trusted staff member receives your little one, and different pick-up and drop-off timings for each bubble make school runs smooth, with no need for parents to enter the building so that we can minimise everyone’s exposure.

Smaller Class Sizes Promote Necessary Social Distancing

With adjustments like reduced class sizes, social distancing, on-site field trips, rotating schedules, re-designed classrooms, and changes in day-to-day activities, your child and their friends stay safe and virus-free.

Daily Sanitising Keeps Harmful Viruses At Bay

Daily sanitisation using high-level disinfectant Steri-7 means your child’s bathrooms, play spaces, and classrooms are germ and virus-free. High-traffic areas receive special attention from staff members to reduce the opportunity for viruses to spread.

Extra Steps In Sanitization And Carefulness Protect Health

Your child’s shoes, bags, and personal belongings undergo a thorough sanitisation upon arrival. Children place bags in their assigned cubby within the classroom, and each child has a separate stationary box for extra safety.

A Full-Time Registered Nurse Is On-Site For Screenings And More!

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