We see children as unique, curious and competent learners.

A preschool And Nursery that believes in a strong partnership with parents, enabling us to foster the positive learning and development of each child in their early nursery years.

We see children as unique, curious and competent learners.

We believe in a strong partnership with parents, enabling us to foster the positive learning and development of each child in their early years.

The mission of our nurseries in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is to create a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment where each child is supported, motivated and encouraged to develop through endless opportunities.

We do this by providing a respectful, collaborative and informative environment where parents are listened to, valued, and supported. and our teachers are empowered to deliver the highest standard of learning experience to all children in their care.

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45 days* until walking (location dependent)


From walking until
23 months


24 months to
35 months


36 months to
48 months

Qualified And Experienced Educators With A Unique Approach

With approximately 30 years of combined early learning and child care experience across our three locations, our team focuses on providing personalised training to each child so they receive undivided attention and learn based on their individual needs. We respect that each child is different and learns at their own pace and our trained staff work to ensure that your little one’s learning needs are well taken care of at all times.

Top Of The Class Graduates

Our graduates have been prepared for and accepted in all of UAE’s top schools.

Certified By The British Preschool Learning Alliance

We are one of very few UAE nurseries to be certified by the British Preschool Learning Alliance. We have been voted as one of the best nurseries in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which bears testament to our professionalism and quality of services.

Secure, Safe, Supportive, And Stimulating Nursery Environment

We provide a safe, secure, supportive and stimulating “home away from home” environment in which your child can explore, learn and grow.

Nurse On-Site All Day

We place a strong focus on Health & Safety with an in-house clinic and nurse on the premises daily during nursery hours. We also have strict hygiene standards which support our Infection Control policy.

Global Nomads And English As An Additional Language

For children with little or no English skills it can be a very daunting and scary experience to enter a nursery where most communication is in English. Our teachers will provide a list of frequently used words in the classroom and nursery environment which new parents can complete phonetically in their mother tongue. The words will assist in settling and meeting the child’s needs.

Dedicated Baby And Toddler Unit With Specialized Staff

We also have a dedicated Baby and Toddler Unit with specialised staff. At every nursery, you will discover a friendly, happy and safe environment that invites and nurtures positive growth, development, confidence, independence and self-esteem in every child.

EYFS Curriculum Combined With The Well Regarded Reggio Emilia Approach

Your child will follow the English Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, while also includes aspects of the Reggio Emilia Approach. Our unique Learning Triangle Curriculum is tailored to suit all ages and stages of development, and all our children are exposed to the Arabic language. It is our aim to ensure each child leaves us with a stimulated, inquisitive mind and, equally important, confidence in their own abilities. They will be ready and prepared for ‘primary school’.

Our Facilities Balance Indoor And Outdoor Play, Including Quiet And Active Areas

We have facilities to support all 7 areas of EYFS Learning and Development which includes a balance of indoor and outdoor play times, quiet play, active play, large and small group activities. Our children are encouraged to make choices and learn through play. We provide fun-filled days of active learning, inspired by international Early Years standards.

Weekly Enrichment Specialists Are Included

We also have weekly sessions with specialists, such as Music and Movement and our Language Programme, included in our fees.

Parents As Partners

We at Step by Step Nursery strongly believe that a partnership between the nursery, child and parent is essential to strengthen the child’s continued learning and development. We accept the duty of supporting and facilitating children’s learning and development, and are committed to this partnership. We offer flexibility for working parents from timings to payments and transport options. We also follow an “Open Door Policy” and ensure regular communication with parents via the Parent App.

We Welcome The International Community

As a reflection of the UAE, we are a very cosmopolitan, British curriculum nursery that caters to many nationalities and cultures. This gives us all great opportunities to experience and learn about similarities and differences of the various nationalities, cultures and traditions. It also demands that we are open minded, understanding and empathetic.