About Us

Our Goal Is Simple: To Ensure Each Child Leaves Us With A Stimulated, Inquisitive Mind And, Confidence In Their Own Abilities. They Will Be Ready And Prepared To Thrive In Primary School.

About Us

Our Goal Is Simple: To Ensure Each Child Leaves Us With A Stimulated, Inquisitive Mind And, Confidence In Their Own Abilities. They Will Be Ready And Prepared To Thrive In Primary School.

Our Philosophy

These principles apply to every aspect of our education.

  • We believe that our nursery, through development and learning experiences, will lay the foundation for a child’s future learning journey.
  • We believe that the partnership between children, parents and Step by Step Nursery is an integral part of a child’s learning and developmental process.  
  • We believe that children are best supported when parents and teachers work together in a collaborative manner.
  • We believe in employing warm, nurturing, qualified and experienced early years’ teachers, who provide age appropriate learning and development experiences for all children in their care.
  • We believe that children need to be respected in order to respect.
  • We believe that children learn best through supported play experiences, and by being highly creative; expressing themselves in many ways.
  • We believe in providing children with rich stimulating experiences, to build on what they already know and can do.
  • We believe that the learning environment is the child’s third (3rd) teacher.
  • We believe in supporting the children to explore and utilize the resources and the environment in a way that will enhance the development of their independence and problem-solving skills.
  • We believe in supporting the children to develop positive relationships with other children and adults.
  • We believe that the child’s experiences, family background, interests, abilities and cultural heritage are important parts of his/her positive sense of self and self esteem, therefore we positively celebrate and reflect this.
  • We believe that it is very important to provide all members of the teaching team with training and continued development opportunities so that they, in turn, can provide the children with challenging, stimulating and effective learning experiences.
  • We work hard to be part of the local community, accessing local resources so that the children have a sense of connection and belonging.
  • We endeavour to network with other professionals for the benefit of Early Childhood Education.


An environment of warmth and security for your little one to flourish from infancy up to 4 years of age.


We see children as unique, curious and competent learners. We believe in a strong partnership with parents, enabling us to foster the positive learning and the enhanced development of each child in their early years.


Designed for your child to learn through play, this Early Years Education focuses on a personalized approach; naturally leading your child to cultivate their talents and interests, while inspiring them to develop in new ways.


Your child gets the undivided attention of our professional team, learns at their own pace, and enjoys specific care crafted to meet their needs as they learn, change and grow.


A reflection of our multi-cultural region and the diverse talents and perspectives brought to us from all around the world.


It was nearly 20 years ago in the year 1999, when the first nursery opened in Umm Suqeimm: a nursery that would provide a high standard of Early Years Education to children in Dubai. Over the period they have opened nurseries in Shorooq (Mirdif), Layan (Dubailand) and in Al Bateen (Abu Dhabi). While we have achieved exceptional growth, this has not been at the cost of quality nor personal touch. We are proud to acknowledge that some of the children taught at our nurseries have since graduated from prestigious universities in the world, including Ivy League universities, such as Columbia University in the United States.


Be an integral part of this highest standard of learning for your child. You, as the parent, are listened to and supported, as your input is so highly valued by our teachers as we collaborate. When your child is supported, motivated and encouraged in a safe and stimulating environment, the opportunities for learning are endless.

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