Nurturing Care & Endless Opportunities

Your Child’s Experience & Family’s Wellbeing Is At The Heart Of Everything We Do

About Step By Step Nursery Dubai

Nurturing Care & Endless Opportunities

Your Child’s Experience & Family’s Wellbeing Is At The Heart Of Everything We Do

Entrust your child with licensed professionals who not only care for your baby’s needs, but engage, encourage, and track their development.

We work for you, as the parents, to ensure care at-home and nursery care is continuous and seamless for your infant. This includes nap times, feeding times, transition to solid foods, and more.

We’ll share best practices and answer your questions any time.

For working mothers who have just completed maternity leave,we help babies stay in their routine (or ease into a new one) as per your needs. Additionally, we have a self-contained unit for nursing mothers with a designated breastfeeding area at each nursery.

We offer a range of resources to heighten and stimulate your baby’s senses using a range of educational materials, both natural and man-made. They also have their own designated soft play areas.

As your baby’s first nursery in Dubai our facilities are designed to meet for your baby’s needs. The baby units are located close to the nurse’s room with direct access to emergency exits, keeping in mind the limited mobility of babies.

Safe, secure, taught, and nurtured; this is how we will care for your little one.

Overarching Mission:
To enable every child to reach their full potential, step by step.

Step by Step Nurseries offer high quality care and education to children aged 45 days – 4 years in our family centric settings designed and maintained to be happy, safe and nurturing home from home environments. Our large, converted villa settings, sit inside vibrant residential community’s and due to our small size, we are able to offer a curriculum and approach that is individualized, and tailor made to meet every child’s unique needs. We work hand in hand with parents to ensure that we know every child exceptionally well through our key person system. We believe that a strong partnership with parents supports the holistic care, learning and development goals for our children which in turn, enables every child to reach their full potential, step by step.

Values and Beliefs

  • The pre-school years are the most important and will lay the foundation for a child’s future learning.
  • Teachers and parents must work together to enable children’s success, both academically and personally throughout life.
  • Creating a warm, caring and nurturing environment are the first steps in supporting the holistic learning and development of young children.
  • Employing qualified and experienced early years’ educators, who love working with young children.
  • Children need to be empowered and respected in order to respect.
  • Children learn best through supported play experiences, and by being highly creative, expressing themselves in many ways.
  • Providing children with rich stimulating experiences, building on what they already know and can do.
  • Parents are a child’s first (1st) teacher, teachers are a child’s second (2nd) teacher and the learning environment is the child’s third (3rd) teacher.
  • Supporting children to explore and utilize the resources and the environment in a way that will enhance the development of their resilience, independence and problem-solving skills.
  • Supporting children to develop positive relationships with peers and adults.
  • Celebrating every child’s experience, background, interests, abilities and heritage are important in developing positive self-identity and high self-esteem.
  • Investing in continued professional learning and development for our staff so that they, in turn, can provide our children with challenging, stimulating and engaging learning experiences.
  • Supporting our local community and accessing local resources, thus promoting our children’s sense of connection and belonging.
  • Sharing best practice and networking with other professionals for the benefit of Early Childhood Education and Care.

Step by Step Nursery is a place where children

  • Feel safe and cared for and have a strong connection to key adults.
  • Love coming to everyday.
  • Are encouraged to express their feelings and emotions freely.
  • Are valued as individuals.
  • Experience exciting, challenging and well-planned activities that meet individual needs.
  • Feel empowered to make choices, take decisions and problem solve.
  • Receive the support, care and learning foundation to prepare them for primary school.
  • Step by Step Nursery is a place where families

    • Are listened to and consulted.
    • Are welcome and are invited to support their child’s learning.
    • Can access advice, support and guidance from experienced, qualified early years educators.
    • Receive up to date information on the progress of their children.

    Give Your Child A Strong Start For Future Success!

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