Nurturing Care & Endless Opportunities

Your Child’s Experience & Family’s Wellbeing Is At The Heart Of Everything We Do

Nurturing Care & Endless Opportunities

Your Child’s Experience & Family’s Wellbeing Is At The Heart Of Everything We Do

Entrust your child with licensed professionals who not only care for your baby’s needs, but engage, encourage, and track their development.

We work for you, as the parents, to ensure care at-home and nursery care is continuous and seamless for your infant. This includes nap times, feeding times, transition to solid foods, and more. We’ll share best practices and answer your questions any time. For working mothers who have just completed maternity leave,we help babies stay in their routine (or ease into a new one) as per your needs. Additionally, we have a self-contained unit for nursing mothers with a designated breastfeeding area at each nursery. We offer a range of resources to heighten and stimulate your baby’s senses using a range of educational materials, both natural and man-made. They also have their own designated soft play areas. As your baby’s first nursery in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, our facilities are designed to meet for your baby’s needs. The baby units are located close to the nurse’s room with direct access to emergency exits, keeping in mind the limited mobility of babies. Safe, secure, taught, and nurtured; this is how we will care for your little one.

Preschool & Daycare Center Serving Abu Dhabi, Dubailand & Mirdif, Dubai

The mission of our nurseries in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

To Create A Safe, Stimulating And Nurturing Environment Where Each Child Is Supported,
Motivated And Encouraged To Develop Through Endless Opportunities.

We Do This By Providing A Respectful, Collaborative And Informative Environment Where Parents Are Listened To, Valued, And Supported. And Our Teachers Are Empowered To Deliver The Highest Standard Of Learning Experience To All Children In Their Care.

Pursuing A Mission Of Early Childhood Excellence

Welcome to a safe, stimulating, nurturing environment, where each child is supported, motivated, and encouraged to develop through endless opportunities. Parents feel listened to, valued, and supported in a respectful, collaborative, and informative atmosphere. Teachers deliver the highest standard of learning experience to all children in their care. 

Founder and Group Director Dilshad Lakhani opened the first Step By Step centre in Umm Suqeim in 1999, after finding a lack of high-quality early educational opportunities for her own children. Mrs. Lakhani took matters into her own hands by returning to school to earn a Montessori teaching credential and a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. The result of her efforts is the 3 award-winning centres you see today in Dubailand (2010), Mirdif (2011), and Abu Dhabi (2017.) She credits her own children’s collegiate success to the education they received under her staff. 

Mrs. Lakhani believes that children excel when given the proper environment, encouragement, and materials to learn naturally and at their own pace. Using proven guidelines and curricula, she and her staff gently, lovingly steer children towards the power that’s within them. She takes pride in being part of the cognitive, social, emotional, and academic success of all children in her care and seeing them go on to prestigious schools and accomplish great things. Step By Step looks forward to 30 more years of serving the UAE community. 

“We work hard because parents trust us with their young ones.” –Dilshad Lakhani, Group Director, Step By Step Nursery Group.

Certified Among The Very Best Early Learning Nurseries

Step By Step is among the few UAE nurseries certified by the British Early Learning Alliance and was voted one of the Best Nurseries in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You know you can count on us for quality and professionalism.

Parent Partnerships Are Vital To Success

We believe strongly in the home-to-school connection to foster children’s opportunities for success. Partnering with parents to discuss care, devise learning plans, and ensure that communication stays open helps us provide your child with the best possible experience.

Blended Curricula Provide Well-Balanced Learning

Using a carefully selected combination of programmes called the Learning Curriculum Triangle, expert teachers guide your child through a well-balanced education and towards a bright future. The triangle’s three sides are:

  • This British Department of Education-approved curriculum addresses early learning from 0-60 months over the Prime Areas of personal, social, and emotional development, communication and language, and physical development.
  • It also addresses these Specific Areas: expressive art and design; literacy; understanding of the world; and mathematics.
  • This Italian learning system was developed after WWII and encourages a play-based, child-led approach.
  • Children receive the tools and materials they need to explore the world on their own terms and make curious, crucial cognitive discoveries.
  • Teachers and parents observe the child and offer tools for learning in response to their interests and strengths.
  • Children who develop early bilingualism are stronger communicators and more active global citizens.
  • Your child learns age-appropriate vocabulary and participates in activities in both English and Arabic to boost their communication skills. 

Give Your Child A Strong Start For Future Success!

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