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2 to 3 Years

Independence, Strengthened Fine Motor Control, Confidence, And Self-esteem are the core foundation skills for this age as your child is prepared for FS-1 at the Step By Step Nursery schools in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


2 to 3 Years

Independence, Strengthened Fine Motor Control, Confidence, And Self-esteem are the core foundation skills for this age as your child is prepared for FS-1

The nursery programme seeks to support the transition of children to the Foundation class by supporting their different areas of development.

From the age of two years old, children are ready for more challenging play and are keen to try out new activities. While the programmes for under 2 years old focus on the ‘prime’ areas of learning, at this stage we build on new skills that the child is developing. We set up activities and encourage independent play to focus on the 4 ‘specific’ areas of learning: knowledge, physical motor skill, language and communication, social and emotional development.

Personal, Social And Emotional Development

Your child will begin making meaningful connections and building relationships. This is when first friends are made within their peer groups. If they’re shy, we’ll help them fit in, and if they are extroverts, we’ll help them develop cooperation and social skills. Whatever their natural demeanour, we’ll nurture their strengths.

We help them to:

  • Recognize and understand the rules for being together with others, such as waiting for a turn, and talk about feelings such as sadness, happiness or feeling cross
  • Develop their self-confidence and self-awareness by providing the opportunity to express their own preferences and interests, recognising that their interests and preferences vary
  • Manage feelings and behaviour through symbolic play, and providing areas to mirror different moods and feelings – quiet restful areas as well as areas for active exploration

Physical Development

Moving freely, both indoors and outdoors, is critical for children to develop their natural curiosity and sense of exploration. We guide them to explore new ways of moving such as squirming, slithering and twisting along the ground like a snake, and moving quickly, slowly or on tiptoe. 

We help them to:

  • Understand how to move safely to ensure they can explore their limits without fear or injury
  • Explore their surroundings and understand their bodies and their new capabilities as they change nearly every day
  • Express choices through pictures or objects representing options

Communication and Language

This is the age where communication begins to become more complex. Each child will learn to speak at their own pace, and we encourage them to explore tone, intonation, and their voices through stories, poems, rhymes, and other games.

We help them to:

  • Tell stories, verbally and non-verbally through puppets and other props
  • Listen attentively, and how to take turns in a conversation
  • Communicate with each other and adults about what they see, hear, think and feel
  • Speak by distinguishing differences in sounds, word patterns and rhythms; we encourage the correct use of language through repetition of stories and games


Learning to read is a foundational skill as it opens up all other forms of knowledge, including science, arts, literature and more. Our goal is to prepare them for their school careers.

We help them to:

  • Identify letters and words, connecting their activities with signs
  • Use props, toys and games that encourage patterns in letters and words
  • Develop a passion and interest in reading and books


Similar to reading skills, understanding the basics of numbers, and counting is the first step to math proficiency. Our goal is to once again ensure your child is prepared for school with a strong foundation.

We help them to:

  • Learn about numbers through counting songs and rhymes
  • Understand addition and subtraction through playing games
  • Learn about shape, space and measurement through recognising patterns, drawing and other forms of art, and pointing out connections with stories and other exercises and activities

Understanding The World

We work to connect the children to the world around them, beginning with friends and families, their community and the world at large. This also includes working with technology.

We help them to:

  • Understand the importance of various circles of influence in their lives
  • Develop a sense of empathy and connection to others
  • Connect to others through diverse experiences
  • Explore the use of technology with toys and ICT apparatus, what it does, what they can do with it and how to use it safely

Expressive Arts And Design

We share the appreciation and understanding of music, art, dance, and other forms of expression in various media formats and materials with the children.

We help them to:

  • Listen to music and watch dance when opportunities arise
  • Focus on how sound and movement develop from feelings and ideas
  • Be inventive in how they add, or mix media, or engage in a particular experience
  • Make-believe play in order to gain an understanding of their interests
  • Understand the creative processes and talk to them about meaning and context

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

For children starting in September and January, there is a Parent’s Information session.

This is a great opportunity for you as a parent to meet your child’s Educators and explore their new classrooms and the nursery environment. During the session, your child’s Educator will talk about the first few days of nursery and settling-in, our approach and curriculum, the class’s daily routine, health, safety and hygiene, drop off and pick up timings, snacks/lunch, diapers and toileting and the variety of activities you and your child will be involved in while at Step By Step Nursery.

These sessions also give parents an opportunity to ask any additional questions and meet our Nursery Director and Nurse.

Parents of children who start at other times during the year are welcome to set up an appointment to meet with their child’s Educator individually.

Parents need to provide a healthy snack and either a hot or cold lunch for their child. These should be clearly labelled with your child’s name and classroom. We are a sweet/candy, nuts, including peanuts and fizzy drinks free nursery and request that you refrain from sending any snack/lunch containing these items. Additionally, you also need to provide the following:

  • 2 spare set of clothes
  • Nappies, wet wipes and any creams that you use
  • Sunscreen and a hat
  • An old t-shirt for art and messy activities
  • Water bottle

All of these items should be clearly labelled with your child’s name and class.

At Step by Step Nursery, we recognise and emphasize that each child is unique, important, accepted, secure, included and respected. Our nursery school in Dubai location and environment gives children the incentive to engage in explorative play, whilst learning in our secure, yet challenging, indoor and outdoor areas.

At Step by Step Nursery we provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for all our employees and a safe early learning environment in which children learn and are cared for. To develop and promote a strong health and safety culture within the nursery for the benefit of all staff, children and parents, we provide information, training and supervision. We also accept our responsibility for the health and safety of other people who may be affected by our activities. We have set a “Health and Safety Policy” which we follow to ensure that all reasonably practical steps are taken to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all persons using the premises.

We firmly believe that children benefit from a regular routine with a good balance of activities. Each classroom at Step By Step Nursery displays the day’s schedule in picture form for the children to view and in written form for the parents; this clear structure informs children what will happen throughout the day, which helps them feel safe and secure and builds their confidence and self-control.

Our experienced Educators will prepare your child, through the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework to develop their social, language, physical and mathematical skills, which are needed and required for ‘big school’.

At Step by Step Nursery we know how important sleep is for your little one. It’s important that all children have enough sleep to support their development, in a safe and secure environment.

We recognise parents’ knowledge of their child with regards to sleep routines and we will where possible, work together to ensure each child’s individual sleep routines and well-being continues to be met. However, staff will not force a child to sleep or keep them awake against his or her will.

Staff will discuss any changes in sleep routines at the end of the day and share observations and information about children’s behaviour when they do not receive enough sleep.

If a child falls ill at the nursery during the day, our Nurse will contact you to collect your child as soon as possible. If you are unavailable, we will call the emergency contact provided on your registration/medical forms.

While waiting for collection, your child will be moved to the Nurse’s room where he/she will be kept comfortable until you arrive.

If your child is unwell in the morning please keep them at home and call our Nurse or Registrar to inform them about your child’s illness. If you are not sure, you may always call our Nurse and seek her advice.

Yes, our curriculum is taught in English.

However, our unique Learning Triangle Curriculum (LTC) also embraces our own Exposure to Languages Programme. In this programme, children are exposed to Arabic and French languages through nursery rhymes, stories, play experiences and other activities.

We use Thinking Time to encourage appropriate behaviour in the nursery setting and our aim is for the child to learn to discriminate between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. When Thinking Time is necessary, the child is told in a calm but firm voice that the particular behaviour is unacceptable and is then removed from the situation for Thinking Time. The child is given direction as to the acceptable behaviour, for example, ‘we take turns’ or ‘we share’ and can then rejoin the group. Thinking Time is based on the age of the child, for example if a child is 3 years old, Thinking Time is 3 minutes.

We do not have television at the Step By Step Nursery School in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. However our children do use educational programmes on the tablet or computer and are made familiar with many different technological devices. Occasionally, we will use the tablet or computer for specific educational purposes, to enhance and demonstrate a point directly related to the topic, for example to show an animal in motion.


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