Daycare Nursery

Experienced Early Education Practitioners Care For And Nurture Your Baby’s Development In Our Safe And Secure Day Care In Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Baby playing with toy truck at a Nursery and Preschool in Abu Dhabi and Dubai


Daycare Nursery

Experienced Early Education Practitioners Care For And Nurture Your Baby’s Development In Our Safe And Secure Environment.

Entrust your child with licensed professionals who not only care for your baby’s needs, but engage, encourage, and track their development.

We work for you, as the parents, to ensure care at-home and nursery care is continuous and seamless for your infant. This includes nap times, feeding times, transition to solid foods, and more. We’ll share best practices and answer your questions any time. For working mothers who have just completed maternity leave,we help babies stay in their routine (or ease into a new one) as per your needs. Additionally, we have a self-contained unit for nursing mothers with a designated breastfeeding area at each nursery. We offer a range of resources to heighten and stimulate your baby’s senses using a range of educational materials, both natural and man-made. They also have their own designated soft play areas. As your baby’s first nursery in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, our facilities are designed to meet for your baby’s needs. The baby units are located close to the nurse’s room with direct access to emergency exits, keeping in mind the limited mobility of babies. Safe, secure, taught, and nurtured; this is how we will care for your little one.

Personal, Social And Emotional Development

Attachment is incredibly important at this early stage, and we ensure your baby is comfortable at all times by providing warm, loving, consistent care and responding quickly to their needs. We engage in playful interactions that encourage them to respond to, or mimic, adults as well as follow their lead by repeating vocalisations, mirroring movements and showing the baby that we are actively listening.

We’ll help them to:

  • Feel safe and loved
  • Relate to expressions and actions, and gestures through songs and rhymes
  • Manage their routines based on your preferences so there is a seamless integration between care at-home and at our nursery
  • Feel calm and relaxed through rocking and hugging, and provide a cosy, quiet place to relax

Physical Development

Moving and handling: We help babies to become aware of their own bodies through touch and movement.

We’ll help them to:

  • Clap their hands together
  • Develop awareness of various body parts (feet, legs, arms, head)
  • Explore their surroundings as they develop greater mobility
  • Provide a safe place for them to roll, crawl and eventually take their first steps
  • Control their own food and drink to gain greater autonomy and confidence

Communication And Language

We create an environment which invites responses from babies. For example, by touching, smiling, smelling, feeling, listening, exploring, describing and sharing. We also provide ideal opportunities for early conversations between adults and babies, and between one baby and another.

We’ll help them to:

  • See and hear the sequences and actions we go through as we carry out familiar routines and provide resources that stimulate their interests.
  • Interpret and give meaning to things they show interest in, and use actions to support words so that they can gradually link the word to its meaning
  • Explore their voice, including all sorts of sounds and babbling by copying their sounds in a turn-taking conversation


With activities that include finger puppets, rhymes, songs, and of course reading a range of books, we bring stories to life. It’s never too early to start reading in our baby classes in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We help babies to:
  • Listen and interact with stories
  • Interact by having them point to colours, shapes, animals, and other characters
  • Interact by vocalising sounds and effects
  • Connect spoken words (as they begin to sound out words and sounds) to written words


Infants begin exploring numbers and accounting through songs, rhymes and learn rhythm and beat through tapping and clapping.

We help them to:

  • Conceptualize numbers through all the activities and games played
  • Begin exploring shapes, space and measurements through visual, touch and auditory sensors

Understanding The World

We slowly expand your baby’s world from their immediate fingers and toes, to exploring the world next to them, and gradually providing greater freedom.

We help them to:

  • Feel confident and comfortable by allowing each child to explore their attachment limits
  • Always know they have a safe and secure person watching them carefully

Expressive Arts And Design

To further create the best nursery environment for your baby’s development, we have a wide range of toys and activities to stimulate your baby’s senses. We help them to:
  • Safely explore various media types, including finger painting, drawing and so on
  • Develop their unique gifts and talents as they find what interests them

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

For the safety of our children, our extensive CCTV coverage runs throughout the premises of the nursery. This includes classrooms, the outdoor area, the reception area and the front of the nursery. All CCTV footage is displayed in the Director’s room at all times. You are welcome to take a seat in the Nursery Manager’s office should you wish to see your child in action.

Definitely! At Step By Step Nursery, we provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment for children up to 4 years old. Each of our nurseries provides a nurturing setting in which children learn through play and fun experiences that enrich their Early Years Education.

Yes, we have a full-time registered nurse at each of our branches who are appropriately certified by the Ministry of Health Departments in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

In September, we have induction days for all new and existing children. Induction days are short set days and you will be informed of the scheduled day and time arranged for your child prior to the start of the term.

For children who take a little bit longer to settle at the nursery, we have developed a Settling-In Programme. Our aim is to settle your child into the nursery in a comfortable and caring way and to establish a sense of trust and security; therefore your child will attend shorter hours for the settling-in days, if applicable. This will be arranged with your child’s Educator.

For those parents who are unable to attend the Settling-In Programme, we suggest you come and meet our Director to find a comfortable solution for you and your child.

For children starting in September and January, there is a Parent’s Information session.

This is a great opportunity for you as a parent to meet your child’s Educators and explore their new classrooms and the nursery environment. During the session, your child’s Educator will talk about the first few days of nursery and settling-in, our approach and curriculum, the class’s daily routine, health, safety and hygiene, drop off and pick up timings, snacks/lunch, diapers and toileting and the variety of activities you and your child will be involved in while at Step By Step Nursery.

These sessions also give parents an opportunity to ask any additional questions and meet our Nursery Director and Nurse.

Parents of children who start at other times during the year are welcome to set up an appointment to meet with their child’s Educator individually.

Parents need to provide a healthy snack and either a hot or cold lunch for their child. These should be clearly labelled with your child’s name and classroom. We are a sweet/candy, nuts, including peanuts and fizzy drinks free nursery and request that you refrain from sending any snack/lunch containing these items. Additionally, you also need to provide the following:
  • 2 spare set of clothes
  • Nappies, wet wipes and any creams that you use
  • Sunscreen and a hat
  • An old t-shirt for art and messy activities
  • Water bottle
All of these items should be clearly labelled with your child’s name and class.

Your child will spend their day experiencing a range of age-appropriate activities planned by our Educators to support your child’s learning and development. Each class follows a daily routine, incorporating indoor and outdoor time, Arabic and French, Music and Movement, snack/lunch time and other activities.

Research shows that a high-quality nursery curriculum strengthens a child’s personal, social, emotional, language, cognitive, and physical skills. Keeping this research in mind, at Step By Step Nursery, we have embraced best practices to form our unique Learning Triangle Curriculum (LTC). The LTC is based on the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, enriched by the Reggio Emilia approach and further enhanced by our own Exposure to Languages Programme. The LTC encourages your child to learn and develop through experiences and activities where they explore, play, create and use their imagination.

We do not have television at Step By Step Nursery. However our children do use educational programmes on the tablet or computer and are made familiar with many different technological devices.

Occasionally, we will use the tablet or computer for specific educational purposes, to enhance and demonstrate a point directly related to the topic, for example to show an animal in motion.

We use Thinking Time to encourage appropriate behaviour in the nursery setting and our aim is for the child to learn to discriminate between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. When Thinking Time is necessary, the child is told in a calm but firm voice that the particular behaviour is unacceptable and is then removed from the situation for Thinking Time. The child is given direction as to the acceptable behaviour, for example, ‘we take turns’ or ‘we share’ and can then rejoin the group. Thinking Time is based on the age of the child, for example if a child is 3 years old, Thinking Time is 3 minutes.

We do not potty train children at the nursery but we do support their parents as they undertake toilet training for their child, and we teach children proper hand washing and toilet skills to aid their personal, social and emotional development.

At Step by Step Nursery we know how important sleep is for your little one. It’s important that all children have enough sleep to support their development, in a safe and secure environment.

We recognise parents’ knowledge of their child with regards to sleep routines and we will where possible, work together to ensure each child’s individual sleep routines and well-being continues to be met. However, staff will not force a child to sleep or keep them awake against his or her will.

Staff will discuss any changes in sleep routines at the end of the day and share observations and information about children’s behaviour when they do not receive enough sleep.


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