Toddler Classes

Typically 12 (Walking) to 24 Months

At our toddler’s nursery in Dubai, we encourage and enable toddlers to explore, learn and grow by providing a secure base for them, from the time they start walking until they are two years old.


Typically 12 (Walking) to 24 Months

We enable toddlers to explore, learn and grow by providing a secure base for them, from the time they start walking until they are two years old.

Once mobile, toddlers need to engage their new found freedom in a safe and fulfilling way. This is when our trust in them begins to build their confidence.

Toddler classes in Dubai focus on the three prime areas of sensory play and activities i.e. heuristic play that also enhance the areas of literacy, mathematics, understanding the world, and expressive arts and design.

Classrooms are located on the ground floor, and our toddlers have their own designated soft play areas. They also have their own separate sleeping room for nap time.

Personal, Social, And Emotional Development

We involve all children in welcoming and caring for one another; learning and growing in the spirit of cooperation. With the personal attention of our staff, we make certain your little one is feeling heard and valued, taking the lead when possible, exploring their choices, actions and feelings, as well as those of others. Our toddler nurseries in the UAE give caring, highly responsive guidance along with a flexible routine, that keeps them fully engaged in their own interests and pursuits while happily connected to those around them. We’ll help them to:
  • Develop empathy and consideration for others through play
  • Acknowledge and label their own emotions
  • Feel supported, safe, confident and secure; reducing incidents of frustration, conflict and separation anxiety
  • Make their own choices, where possible, to nurture their budding independence and interests

Physical Development

A fresh environment, with new options and new stimuli, encourages toddlers to make use of all of their senses. We provide options for self-care such as comfortable, accessible places where toddlers can rest or sleep when they want to, and places for them to enjoy their food.

We also ensure that there is plenty of time for young children to complete any self-chosen task, boosting their sense of self-confidence.

Establishing stable routines enables children to feel secure and to naturally learn to look after themselves, under our careful supervision. Plenty of play time, both indoors and outdoors, can keep them moving well and often.

We’ll help them to:

  • Find comfortable ways of grasping, holding and using things
  • Learn to feed themselves (grasping food or utensils)
  • Naturally follow routines that focus on self-care: when to rest, when to eat, etc.
  • Make healthy choices for themselves, for example: trying new food combinations by blending favourites with new tastes and textures
  • Accomplish a self-chosen task by giving them ample time to complete it

Communication and Language

Toddlers are constantly exploring and imitating sound, expanding their vocabulary, and building a better understanding of language. We encourage this zest for language with a wide array of activities and a collection of resources including pictures, books, real objects and signs alongside our words.

Your child will listen to and understand phonetics during the reading of a book, or participate in purposeful interactive play, so that they can easily learn to distinguish sounds. Enhancing their understanding of language becomes an enthusiastic part of their day-to-day life with simple, fun ways of improving their communication with us and each other.

We’ll help them to:

  • Explore and differentiate between sounds and talk about what they hear while sharing a book
  • Build sentences, pronounce and use new words through repetition and play
  • Grasp concepts and words by supporting them with a variety of easy, simple, fun communication strategies


We encourage and support children’s responses to picture books and stories that we read with them. Using different voices to tell stories and encourage toddlers to join in wherever possible keeps reading fun and animated.

Knowing that children’s later writing is based on skills and the understanding which they develop as toddlers, reading is kept as a consistent yet dynamic routine for both your child’s learning and entertainment.

We’ll help them to:

  • Explore their voice, including babbling and experimenting with using sounds and connecting sounds to words
  • Communicate as we carry out routines as well as explore through reading


Young children learn best through exploration and play. At every given opportunity, we use number words in meaningful contexts, and explore concepts such as “lots” and “few”, “full” and “empty”, as well as shapes and measurements. By highlighting patterns in daily activities and routines, we bring mathematics to life for your little one in a fun, playful and memorable way.

We’ll help them to:

  • Recognize math in everyday situations, for example: doing up a coat, one hole for each button
  • Discover what shape, space and measurement looks like and feels like
  • Create different arrangements in space, for example: the layout of road and rail tracks
  • Understand themselves and bodily spatial awareness through touching, seeing and feeling shape in art, music and dance

Understanding the World

It’s true, your child’s mind is like a sponge at this age; let’s excite their senses and invite them to investigate their own inquisitive nature. With a wide variety of resources and eclectic exploratory play, we continuously stimulate your child’s interest in objects, how things work, people, and culture, etc. With our nurturing guidance and consistent dialogue with your child, they develop a furthered world view filled with insight, connections and meaning.

We’ll help them to:

  • Understand what it feels like to be a part of a community
  • Feel their own importance and contribution to each other and the group
  • Investigate actions (for example: push, pull, lift and press) as well as their limits in safe and fun ways

Expressive Art And Design

A wide variety of media and materials at your child’s fingertips helps them access their own creative potential, encouraging your child’s expressive nature. We encourage creativity and instil the belief that their own creations are unique and valuable, while making sure to take detailed notes of your child’s unique process, in order to share with you.

We’ll help them to:

  • Be imaginative, creative, and passionate
  • Develop their unique gifts and talents
  • Express themselves through all kinds of physical action and sound

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

For children starting in September and January, there is a Parent’s Information session.

This is a great opportunity for you as a parent to meet your child’s Educators and explore their new classrooms and the nursery environment. During the session, your child’s Educator will talk about the first few days of nursery and settling-in, our approach and curriculum, the class’ daily routine, health, safety and hygiene, drop off and pick up timings, snacks/lunch, diapers and toileting and the variety of activities you and your child will be involved in while at Step By Step Nursery.

These sessions also give parents an opportunity to ask any additional questions and meet our Nursery Director and Nurse.

Parents of children who start at other times during the year are welcome to set up an appointment to meet with their child’s Educator individually.

Parents need to provide a healthy snack and either a hot or cold lunch for their child. These should be clearly labelled with your child’s name and classroom. We are a sweet/candy, nuts, including peanuts and fizzy drinks free nursery and request that you refrain from sending any snack/lunch containing these items. Additionally, you also need to provide the following:

  • 2 spare set of clothes
  • Nappies, wet wipes and any creams that you use
  • Sunscreen and a hat
  • An old t-shirt for art and messy activities
  • Water bottle

All of these items should be clearly labelled with your child’s name and class.

Yes, our curriculum is taught in English.

However, our unique Learning Triangle Curriculum (LTC) also embraces our own Exposure to Languages Programme. In this programme, children are exposed to Arabic and French languages through nursery rhymes, stories, play experiences and other activities.

For the safety of our children, our extensive CCTV coverage runs throughout the premises of the nursery. This includes classrooms, the outdoor area, the reception area and the front of the nursery. All CCTV footage is displayed in the Director’s room at all times. You are welcome to take a seat in the Nursery Manager’s office should you wish to see your child in action.

We firmly believe that children benefit from a regular routine with a good balance of activities. Each classroom at Step By Step Nursery displays the day’s schedule in picture form for the children to view and in written form for the parents; this clear structure informs children what will happen throughout the day, which helps them feel safe and secure and builds their confidence and self-control.

We use Thinking Time to encourage appropriate behaviour in the nursery setting and our aim is for the child to learn to discriminate between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. When Thinking Time is necessary, the child is told in a calm but firm voice that the particular behaviour is unacceptable and is then removed from the situation for Thinking Time. The child is given direction as to the acceptable behaviour, for example, ‘we take turns’ or ‘we share’ and can then rejoin the group. Thinking Time is based on the age of the child, for example if a child is 3 years old, Thinking Time is 3 minutes.

We do not have television at Step By Step Nursery. However our children do use educational programmes on the tablet or computer and are made familiar with many different technological devices.

Occasionally, we will use the tablet or computer for specific educational purposes, to enhance and demonstrate a point directly related to the topic, for example to show an animal in motion.

Your child will spend their day experiencing a range of age-appropriate activities planned by our Educators to support your child’s learning and development. Each class follows a daily routine, incorporating indoor and outdoor time, Arabic French, Music and Movement, snack/lunch time and other activities.

If a child falls ill at the nursery during the day, our Nurse will contact you to collect your child as soon as possible. If you are unavailable, we will call the emergency contact provided on your registration/medical forms.

While waiting for collection, your child will be moved to the Nurse’s room where he/she will be kept comfortable until you arrive.

If your child is unwell in the morning please keep them at home and call our Nurse or Registrar to inform them about your child’s illness. If you are not sure, you may always call our Nurse and seek her advice.

At Step by Step Nursery we know how important sleep is for your little one. It’s important that all children have enough sleep to support their development, in a safe and secure environment.

We recognise parents’ knowledge of their child with regards to sleep routines and we will where possible, work together to ensure each child’s individual sleep routines and well-being continues to be met. However, staff will not force a child to sleep or keep them awake against his or her will.

Staff will discuss any changes in sleep routines at the end of the day and share observations and information about children’s behaviour when they do not receive enough sleep

We do not potty train children at the nursery but we do support their parents as they undertake toilet training for their child, and we teach children proper hand washing and toilet skills to aid their personal, social and emotional development.

Definitely! At Step By Step Nursery, we provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment for children up to 4 years old. Each of our nurseries provides a nurturing setting in which children learn through play and fun experiences that enrich their Early Years Education.


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