Our Facilities

Facilities at Step by Step Nursery Dubai

Our Facilities​

Step by Step Nursery is accommodated in a warm and cozy house that feels just like home. When children and families enter the house each day, they are greeted by earthy tones, natural materials and a space that feels familiar and welcoming. This supports the settling in process for our new joiners and enables our long term families to feel like they are visiting friends. Our nooks and cozy areas offer children an opportunity to reflect and focus their minds in preparation for the daily activities and our warm lighting and soft furnishings create an environment that feels safe and stimulating.


Our Classrooms

We believe that children learn best in an environment that is free from clutter and distraction and so our classrooms have been carefully designed to stimulate our children whilst allowing them space to initiate learning experiences and play with purpose. Featuring key areas of learning and banks of accessible open-ended resources to encourage children’s play and exploration, our children have adjoining bathrooms and rest areas for our younger students.


Outdoor Play Space

Our play spaces feature safe surfacing and a range of climbing and balance equipment to get your little ones moving and developing their gross motor skills. In a COVID aware world, it is even more important that young children have the space to grow and develop given the restrictions that we have all had to face in recent times. Our sensory gardens and water play areas enable our children to engage in nature play, using the elements to support their developing understanding of the world around them. Activities include planting, den building, water channeling, playing in the sand kitchen, etc.


Gym Room

The gym room provides a space for children to move in a range of ways and explore their physicality. Our dedicated movement and music teacher, uses action songs and games to support the development of gross motor functions including coordination, spatial awareness, control, as well as the development of creativity, self-expression and auditory discrimination skills. All classes have at least two movement and music sessions weekly which includes one to one coaching to support and challenge each child appropriately.



At Step by Step Nursery we believe that exposure to books and storytelling from a young age lays the foundation for a lifelong appreciation of literature leading to positive outcomes for children in the later years of schooling. Our teachers use a range of drama and storytelling techniques to bring books to life emphasising the importance of language acquisition and clear speech and language. And, when the temperatures soar, what better way to spend some down time than immersed in an imaginary world of limitless possibilities!

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