Care Routines

Care Routines at Step by Step Nursery Dubai

Care Routines​



We promote healthy eating with our little ones through our healthy eating policy and family mealtimes. Our staff sit at the table with children for every mealtime, modelling healthy food choices and good table manners. Mealtimes also a provide an excellent opportunity to converse with children, teaching them to learn about food, where it comes from and the value of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Our mealtimes include morning snack, lunch and afternoon tea.

Toilet Independence

Every child is different and so toilet independence develops at different ages and stages for our children. When a child displays signs that they are ready to remove their nappy, our team work in partnership with families to apply a consistent and positive approach to toilet independence.


Sleep and Rest Times

Adequate sleep and rest times ensure that our children are able to maintain the highest levels of health and wellbeing. Our sleep rooms are calm and relaxing spaces featuring low lighting and calming music to soothe our little ones into slumber. For our youngest learners, 0 – 2 year olds, we highly recommend a daily nap after lunch and for our Nursery and Foundation children, a rest period is encouraged.

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