Our People

At Step by Step Nursery we believe in working together to deliver the highest standards of care and education to our children. Every member of staff is passionate about the early years and loves what they do each and every day. 

Our people at Step By Step Nursery Dubai | Mirdif | Dubailand

Our People

At Step by Step Nursery we believe in working together to deliver a high standard of early years education to our children. This is made possible through synergised commitment and performance of the entire teaching team over the span of almost twenty years.


Our Expert Team

We nurture our people and believe that when our staff are happy, our children are happy and our families are happy too. We invest in every employee by offering a full programme of continuous professional learning and development opportunities throughout the year. This includes mandatory training such as pediatric first aid and fire safety, to specialist training such as using drama and storytelling to support literacy development. Our Group Director is a highly experienced trainer and assessor with over 20 years in training and developing early years educators, teachers, executive leaders and parents. We know the value of having highly qualified and experienced staff in our settings and firmly believe that a good educator never stops learning.


An Inclusive Team

During our 11 years of operation in Dubai we have brought together hundreds of early years educators from around the world. Our teams are reflective of our nursery populations, and we believe in the diversity of staff offering a rich tapestry of experience to our children. Most importantly, our teams are passionate about children and providing the very best care and education to our little ones.

Senior Leadership Team
Step by Step Nursery

Jade Peter-Swain
Group Director

Jade oversees the strategic management of Step by Step nurseries in the UAE and is committed to making Step by Step an exceptional early learning environment where every child can reach their full potential. Prior to joining SbS, Jade worked as a Principal & CEO for one of the largest private education providers in the MENA region and became a group vice president overseeing teacher development. With over twenty years experience in education, Jade has worked in senior roles in early years settings in London, Singapore and the UAE. A qualified trainer and assessor, Jade specializes in training early years teachers and leaders and holds a Masters in Education specializing in Coaching, Early Years Professional Status in the UK and a degree in Drama and Education. Jade is a mother and dedicated early years pedagogue who believes in applying the latest research in early childhood care and education to ensure the highest standards of provision.


Tiffany Huxley
Nursery Manager “Dubailand Branch”

With over 15 years of teaching and leadership experience in the Early Years sector, I am extremely proud to be guiding our team here at Step by Step Nursery Dubailand. Above all else, my aim is to deliver a unique experience to every child and family, one that is filled with hands on learning, natural resources, and endless creativity and imagination. To ensure that this happens, I encourage my team to value children’s contributions, to honour their decisions and to respect their voices because there is so very much that our little ones can teach us every single day.

I strongly believe in the mantra, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’, and as a community nursery, I champion partnerships with local schools, businesses and services. It is our connection to our community that makes Step by Step Dubailand such a special and unique environment for our young learners. By providing learning experiences that are rich in care, curiosity, exploration, and excitement, the building blocks for all future learning are laid and our little ones go on to confidently transition to primary school.


Zeina Al Banna
Nursery Manager “Mirdif Branch”

Just as every child is unique, I believe that every nursery should also be unique and here at Step by Step Nursery Mirdif, we have worked hard to create an exceptional environment that provides curiosity, awe and inspiration for our little enquirers.

I am passionate about coaching my team to observe our children closely, noting their interests, strengths, and opportunities for challenge so that every child can get the very most out of their time with us. What I enjoy most about my job is seeing the spark of recognition in the eyes of the children that we teach as they make connections and realise their own capabilities. It is these moments of wonder that make leading Step by Step Nursery Mirdif, a truly rewarding experience.



All our staff have a rich knowledge of education, teaching and learning, and child development. Many have worked in a wide array of curricula including EYFS, Reggio Emilia inspired settings, Montessori practice and International Baccalaureate. All team members are fully qualified holding CACHE Level 3 Early Years qualifications or equivalent as a minimum, with many among us holding postgraduate certificates in teaching, Bachelors in Education and Masters in Education.


All our nurses are DHA licensed with specialist qualifications and experience in family medicine, pediatrics and midwifery. They hold bachelors degrees in nursing and are committed to keeping our children and communities safe, healthy and thriving.

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