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When considering a nursery for 3 year olds, you’ll need to be sure that it’s targeted to this special age. Your toddler would benefit from our interactive and sensorial toddler classrooms at Step By Step which help to develop their creativity, emotional skills and encourage them to build relationships. Step By Step is a great nursery for 3 year olds as it’s safe, secure and has plenty of play areas for your little one to explore. It’ll feel like a safe ‘’home away from home’’ that your 3 year old will be comfortable in and you’ll feel confident leaving them with our 24 hour surveillance in our gated community. Learn more about the benefits of sending your 3 year old to nursery here.

How is Step By Step the best nursery for 3 year olds in Dubai?

At Step By Step we have a high staff to child ratio so you can be assured your 3 year old has the most attention, care and supervision available. Your 3 year old will enjoy play, interactive sessions and form their first relationships with their peers in our safe, secure and sensorial setting. Our cozy nursery is like a haven for your toddler – encouraging play and exploration while building a solid learning foundation for later years.

How does Step By Step help my 3 year old to settle into nursery?

At Step By Step we help your child to settle in by offering induction days so you can see why it’s the best nursery for 3 year olds. We invite you to meet our expert staff and view our state-of-the-art facilities for yourself while your 3 year old gets familiar with our nursery. We have our Nursery Manager to hand and induction days to help the transition run as smoothly as possible. We even invite parents into our nursery to play with their child to help them ease into nursery life. Your child’s care is at the forefront of our needs and everything has been considered to make the transition into nursery as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. That’s why were the best nursery for 3 year olds in Dubai.

Why is an FS1 nursery the best for 3 year olds?

An FS1 nursery teaches your child inquiry based learning, creativity, play and sensorial activities. As an FS1 nursery at Step By Step we develop communication, language skills, physical and emotional development and fine motor practice so your child will be able to write. Therefore your 3 year old will develop a diverse range of skills along with benefiting from educational excellence. Your child will leave Step By Step as a lifelong learner well versed in literacy, mathematics, the arts and world affairs. Find out more here.

How does our care routine at Step By Step benefit your 3 year old?

It’s important to have a good care routine at a nursery for 3 year olds. At Step By Step we have structured meal times with our friendly staff so your little ones can become accustomed to family mealtimes and socialize with their peers in order to enhance their emotional development. We also instill independence through potty training so that they work towards independence and have dedicated sleep spaces for napping so your child has adequate rest to aid their overall development. Therefore at Step By Step you can be confident that it’s a nurturing and secure nursery for 3 year olds where they will develop in many areas while learning to adopt good practices through a structured routine.

When choosing a nursery for 3 year olds there are many factors to consider as you want to ensure your 3 year old has a secure, safe and inspiring environment. We understand these early years are crucial towards your child’s later development and can help them become a lifelong learner. Come and visit us to see why Step By Step is the best nursery for 3 year olds.

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