Sensory Garden

Children learn about the world through their senses:  touch, sight, sound, taste, and smell. Our new sensory garden has created the ideal outdoor space for sensory garden activities that stimulate all senses – taste, smell, touch, sight and sound, and creates a calming environment in which children feel comfortable exploring.

With a combination of plants, flowers, colours and aromas, the garden was designed to develop, improve and stimulate senses in a safe and secure environment as well as offer benefits in our curriculum and developmental areas.

Our sensory garden also helps children to identify the foods they eat and see how they grow as well as help us out with the gardening – a real world experience! Other sensory activities for toddlers in the sensory garden include cutting grass, fishing for worms and insects in the soil (a wonderfully engaging sensory activities for preschoolers!) and picking fruits and vegetables from the plants. Planting edible herbs and plants has really enhanced the experience for the children as well as added a really soothing smell to the garden environment.

The garden has proven to be a fun educational tool that not only serves sensory benefits but helps us teach the little ones about nature through a hands-on approach. Our sensory garden is a healthy place of discovery and is another great reason to take the children outdoors.

The children are absolutely loving their time in the sensory garden and we’ll keep you posted through photos on our Facebook page!

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