The Best British Nursery in Dubailand For Your Child

Best British Nursery in Mirdif | Step By Step Nursery Dubai

Step By Step is the best British Nursery in Dubailand as it is a home away from home, in a safe and nurturing haven for your little ones. You’ll be comforted that your children will benefit from a secure, safe environment when you drop them off and they’ll love their sensorial based learning, along with our amazing facilities. Read about the benefits of sending your child to nursery here.


Where is the best British nursery located?

Our Step By Step nursery in Dubailand is located in a secure, gated community with 24 hour surveillance in the heart of Dubailand. It’ll be convenient for you to reach as we’re located near the main highway. You and your little ones will love the landscaped gardens and parks nearby. At Step By Step we love teaching your little ones about the local area and wildlife with regular day trips – that’s why we’re the best British nursery as your child benefits from so much more than traditional nursery, learning in all aspects of life from a young age. Find out more about our nursery’s location here.


Why is Step By Step the Best British Nursery in Dubailand?

At Step By Step we instill cutting-edge learning techniques which set our nursery apart from the rest. With our unique, inquiry based and creative teaching methods we develop their communication, independence, critical thinking, social skills, intuition and more.

From a young age your child will benefit from the EYFS curriculum and the Emilio Reggio Method. You can be assured that by choosing the best british nursery, Step By Step, your child will be in a great position for their school years beyond and they’ll be taught to be a lifelong learner. Your child will also benefit from interactive teaching, incredible play areas, sensorial based learning, enhance their creativity and form great friendships in a nurturing environment. Read about why we’re the best pre-school in Dubailand here.

Which facilities does our nursery have as the best British Nursery?

Your child will love learning in our interactive, sensorial based classrooms which encourage interaction and help build their confidence. At our site in Dubailand they have dedicated play areas with lovely outdoor spaces such as a sensorial garden, water play areas and sand pits. Playing with each other helps to form relationships and develops different areas of their brain while instilling independence for life beyond. With our state-of-the-art play areas which really encourage interaction and inspiring classrooms it’s easy to see why we’re the best British nursery in Dubailand. 

Which extracurricular activities will my child benefit from in the best British Nursery?

At Step By Step, not only do we have trips to local parks to learn about the wildlife, we also teach your child about the local area with excursions. Your child will love learning in our informative library on site and our expert teachers bring story time to life with drama lessons to spark their creativity. We also have a state-of-the-art gym as the best British nursery where they can develop their mobility skills with regular sessions outside of their education. We also hold music lessons to enhance their skills and develop specific areas of the brain – that’s why we’re the best British nursery in Dubailand. 

We’ll welcome you with open arms if you’d like to book a tour to look around our state-of-the art site yourself and find out why we’re the best British nursery in Dubailand! When you’re considering nurseries in Dubailand, if you have any questions please call us any time on 04 447 3445

Why not book a tour and visit the best nursery in Dubailand?

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