Top 5 Benefits of Sending Your Child to Nursery

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At Step By Step we truly believe we offer children the best kids nursery program possible. We provide a warm, welcoming and secure environment for them to learn, play, develop and socialize. We’re regarded as the best nursery in Dubai thanks to our educational excellence with our EYFS curriculum, inquiry based methods and cutting edge techniques.

We’ve listed the top 5 benefits of sending your child to nursery:

Emotional development

Being surrounded by other children from a young age helps your child to develop emotionally as they learn social skills through interaction, cooperation and play. With our kids nursery program at Step By Step their emotional development is enhanced as they learn through the senses and are able to take part in holistic activities. We have the best 21st century facilities available, such as play areas, music rooms and interactive classrooms at Step By Step which all benefit your child’s emotional development.

Learn new skills

At Step By Step you can be assured that your child will be constantly developing their skills thanks to our expert-led curriculum and 21st century breakthrough methods. We have cutting edge facilities which teach your child in an inviting, friendly environment. Our nursery program utilizes collaborative classrooms, enticing outdoor play areas where they can learn about nature, a music room, gym, library and sensorial garden. There is so much for your child to explore and they will be learning new skills each day through inquiry based learning and the holistic activities we offer.

Enhance communication

With our nursery program, we encourage interaction through a variety of constructive methods. Therefore your child will develop their communication skills with each other as they are exposed to so many children and our expert teachers outside of their usual family environment. With our nursery program we are inclusive of all backgrounds, cultures and languages so your child can learn to communicate confidently. The EYFS curriculum we follow provides a standard of educational excellence to equip your child, enhance their communication skills and ensure they meet a great standard.

Creating a lifelong learner

With the foundation of the EYFS curriculum combined with the Emilio Reggio Method we offer educational excellence, instill confidence, encourage creativity, critical thinking, logical thought, inquiry based learning and so much more. Within our sensorial, interactive and welcoming nursery settings your child will have all of the facilities to want to keep learning and develop in so many areas. With the Step By Step kids nursery program we truly believe we give them the best start to their social and educational life beyond.

Preparation for school

At Step By Step we give your child the best start in later life by understanding the early years are crucial. We develop lifelong learners who benefit from the Reggio Emilia method combined with the EYFS curriculum. This cutting-edge combination we use in our kids nursery program allows your child to not only benefit from educational excellence but helps them to develop in all social areas. Within our kids nursery program we develop critical thinking, thought processes, relationships, creativity and give them the independence they need for school after Step By Step.

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