Choosing a British Nursery in Dubai – Key Points

Choosing a British Nursery in Dubai

How a British Nursery in Dubai Can Benefit Your Child’s Education

As parents, we all want the best education for our children, and finding the right nursery can be a daunting task. Choosing a British nursery in Dubai can provide children with a unique opportunity to gain exposure to a structured and comprehensive curriculum, multilingual education and language development, and the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. In this article, we will explore how Step by Step Nursery can benefit your child’s education in Dubai.

Exposure to Structured and Comprehensive Curriculum

At Step by Step Nursery, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage for England (EYFS), which is one of the most well-regarded and utilised early learning frameworks from around the world. The EYFS is a holistic approach to learning and development, underpinned by the characteristics of effective learning and core principles. The curriculum is divided into prime areas of learning, including Communication and Language, Personal Social and Emotional Development, and Physical Development, as well as specific areas of learning, which include Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World, and Expressive Arts and Design.
Each area of learning is broken down into developmental milestones that span six ranges of development from birth to five years old. The EYFS recognises that every child is unique and may meet milestones at their own pace, and the curriculum acts as a spectrum of development rather than a tick list. This approach allows our teachers to tailor their teaching to each child’s individual needs, ensuring that each child is challenged and supported to achieve their full potential.
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Multilingual Education and Language Development

At Step by Step Nursery, we offer Arabic language provision, and we recognise the importance of young children being exposed to a range of languages from birth. Where possible, we encourage every child’s heritage language to be shared in the nursery environment, whether through the use of songs, games, storybooks, or other resources.
We know that multilingual children often have advanced decoding skills compared to monolingual children, and this can support not just language learning but all aspects of a child’s cognitive development. We provide ample opportunity for young children to be exposed to the spoken word in a range of ways throughout the school day, whether through modelling excellent communication, storytelling, speech and drama techniques, music and movement sessions, or by providing our youngest learners with a running commentary throughout the nursery day.

Creating a Supportive Environment for Social Learning

A conducive environment plays a pivotal role in nurturing social skills. At Step by Step Nursery, we design our physical spaces to encourage positive interactions and cooperative play. Various learning corners and communal areas are strategically placed to facilitate spontaneous social engagement. Our classrooms are set up to encourage shared activities, where children collaborate on projects, engage in pretend play, and participate in group discussions. We provide a rich assortment of age-appropriate toys and games that encourage cooperation, sharing, and imaginative play. Additionally, our outdoor spaces are designed to support group activities, helping children develop their gross motor skills while interacting with their peers. This environment primes children for social learning, providing them with ample opportunities to initiate conversations, form friendships, and navigate social dynamics.

Development of Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

At Step by Step Nursery, our teachers consider themselves problem makers. Children are presented with problems or conflicts as part of the project learning that challenges and extends their thinking. They are taught the skills, behaviours, and attitudes to find solutions independently and in small groups. For example, children are taught from a very young age that they can learn from others by asking questions, that they can look in books and conduct research.
Through trial and error, our children are scaffolded to use their critical thinking skills by drawing on what they already know, assimilating and accommodating new information and concepts. Our children are taught that making mistakes is how we learn, and they are supported to develop the determination and resilience to keep trying, even when this leads to frustration and disappointment. Our teachers consistently observe and assess every child’s learning journey so that they can provide the resources, questioning, and inspiration for children to make connections and find the answers.

British Nursery in Dubai – Conclusion

Choosing a British nursery for your child is a crucial decision that requires careful consideration. It’s essential to find a nursery that provides a nurturing and stimulating environment that promotes your child’s development and well-being. By asking the right questions about the curriculum and teaching methods, staff qualifications and training, and health and safety measures, you can make an informed decision and select a nursery that meets your child’s needs.
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