Why Your Child Should Go to FS1 in a Nursery

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When considering your child’s education, the early years are so important in their later development. At Step By Step, we understand this and create lifelong learners as an FS1 nursery in Dubai. There’s lots to consider when choosing the right, supportive environment which will help your child flourish, read more here. Why choose an FS1 nursery?


Benefits of an FS1 nursery in Dubai

  • An FS1 nursery will develop communication, language skills, physical and emotional development, and fine motor practice so your child will be able to write.
  • The EYFS framework is introduced, to prepare your little one for pre-school and life beyond.
  • Your child can express themselves in an FS1 nursery with our inquiry based learning, creativity, play and sensorial activities.

What does an FS1 nursery teach?

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Expressive arts and design
  • World awareness


In conclusion, Step By Step Nursery in Dubai excels as an FS1 nursery, recognizing the significance of early childhood education in a child’s overall development. By offering a supportive environment, they foster lifelong learners and prepare children for pre-school and beyond through the introduction of the EYFS framework. Through inquiry-based learning, creativity, play, and sensorial activities, children in the FS1 nursery at Step By Step can develop their communication, language skills, physical and emotional development, and fine motor skills necessary for writing. The curriculum includes literacy, mathematics, expressive arts and design, as well as world awareness. With state-of-the-art facilities, Step By Step Nursery is widely regarded as the best FS1 nursery in Dubai.

Find out more about our state of the art facilities here.

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