Tips for Preparing Your Child for FS1 Nursery in Dubai

Tips for Preparing Your Child for FS1 Nursery in Dubai


Starting at FS1 nursery in Dubai can be a big step forward for many children. Learning about new routines, social settings and relationships can be exciting, but it may also bring about feelings of anxiety. That’s why we recommend the following tips to help your little one settle into FS1 nursery in Dubai as easily as possible.

Encourage Early Socialization and Interaction

Like with any big life change, humans need time to adapt to their new surroundings – no matter how old or young they are. That’s why we recommend introducing your little one to external socialization and interaction as early as possible, helping them better prepare for their exciting journey at Step by Step. Regular exposure to outside social settings and people can help make the transition into nursery easier, as they’ve had time to build and develop new relationships outside the home.

Parents can encourage early socialization through activities such as play dates and toddler and baby groups. Whether you take your little one for group swimming lessons once a week or enroll them in a sensory music class, regularly exposing your little one to new settings and people can make the process much smoother for your child.

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Practice Basic Skills and Learning Activities

We also recommend practising basic skills and learning activities with your child to better prepare them for FS1 nursery in Dubai. This could include activities such as washing hands, tidying up toys and eating with cutlery. The more you practice basic skills at home, the easier your child will find the overall transition.

Learning and developing basic skills helps children function independently, setting them up for success in the transition to nursery. While these simple activities may seem straightforward, they’re helping your children learn important skills such as problem-solving, communication, and critical thinking.

Introduce Your Child to Routine and Structure

Lastly, introduce your child to routine and structure. Routines help babies and toddlers learn self-control and adapt to new situations. Schedules help build confidence, provide comfort and instill a sense of safety in children. If your child is already adhering to a schedule before starting nursery, this helps them get to grips with the routines introduced in nursery.

While Step by Step employs various tactics, activities and methods to make this newfound change as welcoming and comfortable as possible for your child, we highly recommend early socialization, learning basic skills and introducing structure as early as possible.

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