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Best British EYFS Nursery in Dubai | Step By Step Nursery Dubai

Step By Step is considered the Best British Nursery in Dubai. As an EYFS Nursery, we prepare your child to become a lifelong learner and have all the necessary skills to enter a leading school beyond Step By Step. As an EYFS Nursery we understand these early years are crucial to your child’s development so embody the EYFS principles and teaching in everything we do.

As an inclusive nursery, children from all backgrounds and languages will be supported. We teach Arabic lessons, embrace the local culture and teach the children its heritage. We support all languages and give extra English lessons where needed and have 21st century learning methods as an EYFS Nurser – that’s why we’re Best British Nursery in Dubai.


How do we embody the EYFS principles at Step By Step?

At Step By Step we embody the below principles which help your child’s learning and overall development in these crucial years – that’s why we’re considered the Best British Nursery in Dubai.

  • We encourage positive relationships between children by our interactive teaching methods, play, inquiry based learning and sensorial teaching methods.
  • We create an enabling environment with our interactive classrooms, sensorial play areas, lessons in nature and more. Our inclusive teaching and interactive classrooms develop logic, encourage communication, enhance critical thinking and other skills during this crucial stage of development – that’s why we’re the best Best British Nursery in Dubai.
  • As an EYFS Nursery we teach with guiding principles. These include communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and care. We teach them through ‘’real life experiences’’ and build upon experiences when considering situations. This helps to develop their behaviour, emotional intelligence and attitude to senarios.
  • We bring out the best in each unique child, enabling them to become a lifelong learner and have all the foundation for life beyond.


In conclusion, Step By Step Nursery in Dubai stands out as the Best British EYFS Nursery, offering a comprehensive educational experience for young children. By embodying the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), they prioritize positive relationships, an enabling environment, guiding principles, and individualized learning. With a focus on interactive teaching methods, inclusive classrooms, and real-life experiences, Step By Step Nursery ensures that children develop essential skills such as communication, critical thinking, creativity, and emotional intelligence. By providing a strong foundation for lifelong learning, Step By Step Nursery prepares children for success in leading schools.

Explore more about Step by Step British Nursery locations (Dubailand , Mirdif), curriculum, and dedicated teachers.

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