7 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Follow Directions

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With your child care in Dubai, it’s important your child is open to learning and can follow directions from you, their teachers and peers. We’re the best child care nursery in Dubai and help your child achieve educational excellence, play, nurture relationships and more. How can you encourage your child to follow directions? Find our top tips below. 


1.Be clear

When encouraging your child to follow directions, break what you’re trying to say into simple, easy to digest chunks and look the child in the eye. At Step By Step we have the best child care in Dubai as our teachers are friendly, approachable and make learning easy by keeping it simple.


2. Be direct

Set your authority in a friendly but firm way, giving no leeway for hesitation. The child will respond well to your confidence and respect your position as the elder, making a statement to help your child to follow directions will enhance your child care in Dubai as they will learn to follow rules more quickly. 


3. Be specific and detailed with your directions

With our child care nursery in Dubai, we encourage children to follow directions by firmly and gently stating a fact with as much detail as possible. Therefore the child will trust your confidence and have no room for hesitation as they would if you were vague.


4. Maintain contact with the child

With your child care in Dubai it’s important your child is seen, heard and respected. We have a high staff to child ratio and interact with each child so that they feel heard and listened to. We build our relationships and get to ‘’their level’’ by speaking to them in proximity rather than shouting across the room. This makes them more likely to follow directions as our experts are seen as more approachable – that’s why we have the best child care in Dubai. 


5. Be age appropriate when giving directions

Make sure you really understand what you’re trying to achieve and know your audience. At Step By Step we have the best child care in Dubai as we have targeted programmes for each age group to ensure they get the best out of their experience with Step By Step. With the younger age groups who are still developing words it’s best to keep things direct and simple. 


6.Don’t overwhelm children with directions

At Step By Step when we’re teaching children we ensure we give them one instruction at a time so they can focus and process it, without distraction. This streamlined approach helps them to learn in a calm environment – that’s why we have the best childcare in Dubai, by understanding how best children learn and process information.


7.When children follow directions well give praise

At Step By Step we’re recognised for our core values of kindness, care and nurturing as well as our cutting edge education techniques. We understand the importance of instilling confidence in each child and helping to bring out their independence. Therefore with our child care nursery in Dubai with all of our lessons and when giving directions we’re supportive, inclusive and guide your child in the right direction.

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