How Step by Step Nursery Promotes Creativity and Imagination in Early Childhood Education

Step by Step Nursery Promotes Creativity and Imagination in Early Childhood Education

Step by Step Nursery is proud to offer a unique and nurturing environment that fosters creativity and imagination for children in Early Childhood Education. Rooted in play-based learning that encourages exploration and imaginative play, Step by Step Nursery helps little ones flourish and develop through valuable activities and learning opportunities. Here’s how we create opportunities to help your little ones learn through self-expression.

Encouraging Exploration and Play-Based Learning/span>

Play-based learning is a beneficial teaching method that allows children to play an active role in the overall learning process. Encouraging children to act independently, learn through mistakes and make their own decisions, open-ended and imaginative play is a proven vehicle to bolster confidence and self-esteem. This makes the learning process more effective and enjoyable, allowing their personalities to unfold through imaginative and exploratory methods. Step by Step Nursery offers a wide range of areas and activities to encourage open-ended play, helping support their individuality in a safe setting. This helps nurture your child’s unique curiosities, interests and skills, helping them find their place in the world. You can read more about why your child should go to fs1 in a nursery here. 

Incorporating Art, Music and Drama in the Curriculum

Proven to enhance critical thinking skills, art, music and drama do more than just bring joy to your child’s life. By regularly incorporating these disciplines into our curriculum, your child will benefit from increased motor skills, inventiveness, academic performance and enhanced self-esteem. Offering a Music and Movement Program with a specialist teacher twice a week, we carry out creative activities to help your child blossom through the arts.

Fostering a Safe and Supportive Environment for Creativity

Children grow, develop and learn new skills in safe and supportive environments that encourage individuality and self-expression. That’s why Step by Step Nursery adheres to all health and safety requirements that keep your child safe both physically and emotionally. Understanding that each child is unique, we are passionate about the level of care our team provides for each child. Why not book a tour at Step By Step so we can show you what makes us the UAE’s favourite nursery for Early Childhood Education?

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