How to choose a Nursery in Dubai for your Child?

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Choose a nursery in Dubai for your child is a crucial decision as you want to ensure your little one is in a safe, nurturing environment which feels like a home away from home and shapes them for later life. All of the Step By Step nursery locations are conveniently located for families, near beautiful parks in gated communities so safety is at the forefront. We’ve selected our top tips to consider when choosing a nursery, find out more here.

When choosing a nursery in Dubai ensure it is inclusive

At Step By Step we embrace all cultures and backgrounds to ensure every child feels welcome, that’s why we’re the best pre-school in Dubai. When choosing a nursery in Dubai, we feel this is so important to help your child feel connected and learn about the area they’re growing up in. That’s why we like to teach them about the area with trips to the park and excursions. Your child will also benefit from a diverse range of staff who are able to educate your child to the highest standard, offer them support and teach in both Arabic and English.

Ensure it follows the best safety measures

You can be assured when choosing a nursery that at Step By Step we follow the latest safety procedures and all of our staff have level one training in Child Protection. Our nurseries also have 24 hour surveillance with CCTV, are in gated communities and we have emergency procedures in place with regular practice safety drills. This is so important when choosing a nursery in Dubai as you want to be assured your child is protected and safe within your community while you are away from them. When choosing a nursery, it’s important to also consider the levels of hygiene and cleanliness. All of our areas in the nursery are regularly sanitized with non-toxic cleaning products.

When choosing a nursery in Dubai consider an FS1 nursery

Step By Step is an FS1 nursery and follows  the EYFS framework. When choosing a nursery in Dubai it’s important to consider life beyond and how these early years will set them up for life beyond and help them get into their desired school. When choosing a nursery, consider an FS1 nursery like Step By Step as your child will benefit from inquiry based learning, creativity, play and sensorial activities. As an FS1 nursery we develop communication, language skills, physical and emotional development and fine motor practice so your child will be able to write. Your child will leave Step By Step as a lifelong learner well versed in literacy, mathematics, the arts and world affairs. Find out more here.

When you choose a nursery in Dubai, consider your child’s welfare

You’ll want them to love coming to nursery as it’s where they’ll spend most of their days and you’ll feel so much more comforted knowing they wake up looking forward to nursery when you drop them off! When choosing a nursery, consider if they’ll have fun and it’s the best interactive environment for them to build friendship as this is just  as important as offering educational excellence. At Step By Step we have interactive classrooms, multiple play areas, a sensorial garden, a gym, library and more! Your child will not only benefit from our cutting-edge teaching methods but enjoy and benefit from our nurturing, fun and creative environment – all important considerations when choosing a nursery in Dubai. 

When choosing a nursery in Dubai give them the best start in life

When choosing a nursery, you want to prepare your child for life beyond and give them the best start in life! At Step By Step we instill independence, build their relationships, have educational excellence and develop their emotional intelligence. Therefore not only will your little one be prepared to enter the school of their choice, these crucial years will shape them as a lifelong learner. With our core values, nurturing environment and expert staff, your child will have the best foundation, along with reaching their full potential. Find out more about why we’re the best nursery in Dubai here.

When choose a nursery in Dubai we recommend you speak to the staff first hand to answer any questions and see the nursery for yourself to look at the facilities, ensuring standards are met. Why not book a tour at Step By Step?

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