How to choose a Nursery in Dubai for your Child?

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Choose a nursery in Dubai

Choosing a nursery in Dubai for your child is a crucial decision. You want to ensure your little one is in a safe, nurturing environment, that feels like a home away from home, and shapes them for later life. All of our Step By Step nurseries are conveniently and safely located for families, near beautiful parks in gated communities. We’ve selected our top tips to consider when choosing a nursery, find out more here.

When choosing a nursery in Dubai, ensure it is inclusive

At Step By Step, we wholeheartedly embrace all cultures and backgrounds, prioritizing the comfort and inclusivity of every child. This unwavering commitment is what sets us apart as the best pre-school in Dubai

When choosing a nursery for your child in Dubai, it is of utmost importance to foster a sense of connection and understanding, not only within the school environment but also with the surrounding community. That is why we go above and beyond to educate our students about the local area through engaging trips to the park and exciting excursions.

Moreover, our team of dedicated staff members represents a diverse range of backgrounds, ensuring that your child receives the highest standard of education and support. With the ability to teach in both Arabic and English, our staff members possess the unique capability to cater to the individual needs of each child.

Ensure it follows the highest safety standards

Our nurseries are equipped with 24-hour CCTV surveillance and are located in gated communities. We prioritize the safety and security of your child by implementing emergency procedures and conducting regular safety drills. This aspect holds utmost significance when selecting a nursery in Dubai, as we understand your need for assurance that your child is protected and safe within the community while you are away. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of hygiene and cleanliness in our nurseries. Our dedicated staff ensures that all areas are regularly sanitized using non-toxic cleaning products.

When choosing a nursery in Dubai consider an FS1 nursery

When choosing a nursery in Dubai, it is crucial to choose one that provides a solid foundation for your child’s future. Step By Step is an FS1 nursery that adheres to the EYFS framework, ensuring a comprehensive early years education. By choosing an FS1 nursery like Step By Step, your child will benefit from inquiry-based learning, creativity, play, and sensorial activities. Our focus on communication, language skills, physical and emotional development, and fine motor practice will equip your child with the necessary skills to excel in life beyond the nursery. Upon leaving Step By Step, your child will be a lifelong learner. Find out more here.

When you choose a nursery in Dubai, consider your child’s well-being

At Step By Step, we strive to create an environment that children will eagerly look forward to, ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience at nursery. Our goal is to provide a nurturing and stimulating atmosphere where your child can develop friendships and have a great time. With interactive classrooms, multiple play areas, a sensorial garden, gym, and library, we offer a wide range of opportunities for your child’s growth and development. We understand that educational excellence is not the only factor to consider; fostering a sense of joy and creativity is equally important. When choosing a nursery in Dubai, Step By Step provides the perfect balance of educational excellence and a nurturing, fun environment.

When choosing a nursery in Dubai give them the best start in life

Choosing a nursery in Dubai is an opportunity to give your child the best start in life. At Step By Step, we prioritize instilling independence, building relationships, fostering educational excellence, and developing emotional intelligence. Our aim is to prepare your child for the future and equip them with the necessary skills to thrive in any educational setting. These crucial early years will shape your child as a lifelong learner, setting them on a path to success.

With our core values, nurturing environment, and commitment to excellence, Step By Step is the ideal choice for parents seeking the best start in life for their child.

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