What makes SBS the best nursery in Mirdif Dubai

Best British Nursery in Mirdif | Step By Step Nursery Dubai
Mirdif is one of the most popular residential areas in Dubai with its family-friendly atmosphere and cosmopolitan population. You may be looking at nurseries in Mirdif and wondering which one is right for your child. Step By Step is the best nursery in Mirdif Dubai for a multitude of reasons. Step By Step is located in the upmarket gated community of Shorooq, offering your children a safe haven away from the hustle and bustle. In this cosmopolitan area, we offer an inclusive environment which welcomes all nationalities and communicate in all languages to make your child feel welcome. We’re regarded as the best nursery in Mirdif Dubai thanks to our cutting edge methods, inquiry based learning, educational excellence, expert led programmes, beautiful facilities and our ability to create lifelong learners. Find out why we’re the best nursery in Mirdif Dubai here. Step By Step is widely recognised as the best nursery in Mirdif Dubai thanks to its cutting edge learning methods which prepare your child for life beyond. Our educational excellence combines the EYFS curriculum and the Emilio Reggio Method. This cutting edge combination sets us apart from other nurseries in Mirdif Dubai, as your child will not only have the best foundation for education with our 21st century programme but develop their communication, independence, critical thinking, social skills, intuition and more. Come and visit our beautiful nursery equipped with informative and sensorial classrooms, imaginative play areas, a sensorial garden and much more! Our location is convenient, safe and secure. We’re even next to Mushrif Park where we take the children to visit – a stunning home to over 100 species of birds, trees and lots of leisure facilities for them to enjoy. Find out more about our facilities and pre-school here. We’ll welcome you with open arms if you’d like to book a tour to look around our state-of-the art site yourself and find out why we’re the best nursery in Mirdif Dubai first hand! When you’re considering nurseries in Mirdif, if you have any questions please call us any time on 04 454 2082. Why not book a tour and visit the best nursery in Mirdif dubai?

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